2020 WADSA Goals

  1. Strengthen organizational structure including: 
    1. Board & Committee Structure/Leadership inc other stakeholders                
    2. Completion of a financial audit this year
    3. Continue to explore collaboration (Leading Age, FC CMOs)
Executive Committee responsible
  1. Increase WADSA Membership
    1. Increase community awareness
    2. Outreach to non-members
Membership Committee responsible
  1. Improve training and educational opportunities for members
    1. Diversifying options and delivery modalities (i.e. webinars)
    2. Exploring audience needs – i.e. bilingual, rural
Education and conference committees responsible
  1. Increase website utilization
    1. Quarterly email from each regional reps to all members re: updates
    2. Educate on use of discussion boards
    3. Every center should list a cross-referenced member (have two contacts)
    4. Develop an electronic member newsletter
IT committee responsible
  1. Establish a formal committee to develop a branding/marketing strategy for WADSA
    1.  Explore conference attendance/representation
    2. Develop advocacy packets inc info from National LTC provider study
    3. Utilize products developed by NADSA on a consistent basis
Marketing/Branding committee responsible